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Château Vieux Mougnac
Organic Vineyard in Grand Saint-Emilionnais region

Milhard-Bessard family, a winemaking know-how passed down from one generation to the next since 1870 Our stroyContact us

Traditions & Respect for the environment

A philosophy

Milhard-Bessard family, preserves the winegrowing traditions of the Grand Saint-Emilionnais region by creating an Organic and authentic wine. Fruit of an ancestral know-how, Château Vieux Mougnac is much more than a simple wine, it is a hertiage transmitted since 1870.

Indeed, the vines have been cultivated in an Organic way with the big Biodynamic principles for 5 generations. From this passion for the nature results a premium and rare wine served on the most beautiful tables in France and in the whole world.

Your opinions & comments

“A warm welcome”

“A region and a wonderfull place. Beautiful wine tasting with a touching family story.”

Claudine LC, June 2019

“Visit in Château Vieux Mougnac !”

“Warm, friendly but especially family atmosphere that makes the charm of this property ! Without a doubt it is a visit to do. We see Sylvie’s adoration for her profession. She makes us discover many things. Thank you very much for the visit and the tastings we will come back.”

Marine P, April 2019

“Rare wines”

“Excellent wine and above all an extremely friendly producer. hectares of magnificent vines to visit. A word : wonderful.”

Sylvie M, November 2018


“Passionate and therefore interesting educational visit. No pressure to sell after tasting … Classic ! The products are the best”

Antony P, August 2018

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Wine fairs 2019-2020

Wine fairs 2019-2020

Find us everywhere in France !Want to taste some Château Vieux Mougnac close to your home ?Here is the list of our wine fairs !Salon Tendance Bio - du 05 au 06 OctobreSalon des Vins des Vignerons Indépendants - Du 11 au 13 Octobre PROFESSIONNELS - Les Rencontres...

Saint Vincent name day in Paris !

Saint Vincent name day in Paris !

The Saint Vincent name day !In order to celebrate the Saint Vincent name day, Château Vieux Mougnac and LO Wine are part of La Tournée des Vins de Bordeaux ! Janurary 24th and 25th you can find us in Paris :The 24th : Restaurant La Table du Caviste Bio with Chloé ! A...

Harvest 2019 – Merlot & Cabernet Franc

Harvest 2019 – Merlot & Cabernet Franc

Let's the red grapes harvest begin ! After a rainy white grapes harvest, the sun is back for the red berries. This is followed by long work in the winery where we let our grapes macerate for several weeks to extract all the color, aromas, tannins and all that will...

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