The result of 5 generations of know-how

The red wines of Château Vieux Mougnac have been produced since 1870 with respect for the “terroir” and the vintage. Produced in the Bordeaux Supérieur AOC, they are composed of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc. Very different from one year to the next, the wines of the Milhard family offer you a range of unique aromas.

Château Vieux Mougnac


Sight : Carmine color and light brick reflections

Smell : Open and complex with notes of prune and dried fig

Taste : Good liveliness with fruity tannins and spicy aromas

Pairing : Red meats in sauce & soft cheeses

Ageing potential : 20 years

Château Vieux Mougnac


Sight : nice carmine hue with brown highlights

Smell : Fresh with aromas of black fruit and sloe

Taste : Light with silky tannins and blackberry notes

Pairing : VGrilled poultry & aperitifs

Ageing potential : 15 years

Château Vieux Mougnac


Sight : Intense color with shimmering reflections

Smell : A pleasant sweetness with notes of kirsch and macerated fruit

Taste : Silky with a nice aromatic persistence between candied fruit and spices

Pairing : red meats in sauce & soft cheeses

Ageing potential : 20 years

Château Vieux Mougnac


Sight : Intense color with brown reflections

Smell : Rich with aromas of blackberry and black grapes

Taste : Concentrated with intense tannins and liquorice notes

Pairing : Grilled red meats & soft cheeses

Ageing potential : 25 years

Château Vieux Mougnac


Sight : Cherry and shiny dress

Smell : Notes of fresh red fruit, redcurrant and strawberry

Taste : Intense with lively tannins and aromas of forest fruits

Pairing : Charcuteries & Poultry

Ageing potential : 20 years

Château Vieux Mougnac


>Sight : Sustained color with brilliant reflections

Smell : On the macerated fruit and the morello cherry

Taste : Light with lively, youthful tannins and raspberry notes

Pairing : Aperitif & cheeses

Ageing potential : 20 years

Château Vieux Mougnac


Sight : Red color with ruby ​​reflects

Smell : Fruity with a peppery note

Taste : Lively with lively tannins and aromas of red fruits

Pairing : Aperitifs & cheeses

Ageing potential : 20 years

An homage to the members of the Milhard family

In order to celebrate great vintages and the family spirit, a Cuvée is created during the best years. Reflecting ancestral know-how, the oldest plot of Merlot in the area produces an exceptional wine aged in oak barrels.

Château Vieux Mougnac

Cuvée Michel 2010

Sight : Dark carmine color

Smell : Complex sweet fruits and creamy notes

Taste :Ample and unctuous texture, a good final with cashew nut aromas

Pairing : tender of veal, rabbit with prunes

Ageing potential : 25 years

Sémillon, two definitions of the same grape variety at Château Vieux Mougnac

Dry or sweet, the white wine produced on the Estate is 100% Semillon. A small production of one hectare which offers a completely different aromatic range from one year to the next.

Château Vieux Mougnac

Blanc Sec 2018

Sight : Pretty golden and shiny hue

Smell : Fresh with notes of exotic fruits

Taste : Light with citrus aromas

Pairing : Seafood & fish

Ageing potential : 10 years

Château Vieux Mougnac

Blanc Moelleux 2015

Sight : Gold color with bright reflections

Smell : Intense with aromas of fresh fruit

Taste : Fresh and sparkling with notes of pear and lychee

Pairing : Sweet and sour dishes & foie gras

Ageing potential : 10 years